Wristwatch: 4 Rules You Should Violate!

Wristwatch 4 rules to violate

The wristwatch is probably the favorite accessory of every modern man, because it is a perfect addition to any combination, whether it is a casual, urban or strictly working one.

When it comes to fashion trends, there are certain rules, but most of them you are free to violate. Be different!

Gold and silver never go together

Everything depends on what type of wristwatch we are talking about. This rule may have been true sometime ago, but today it is not mandatory. Subtle shades of silver and gold combined look quite modern and attractive and whether you obey this rule depends on your style and taste.

Good watches are only branded watches

Branded watches may be better and longer lasting, but far from the story that every one of them looks great and is worth the money. Many famous brands have excellent watches, but if you can not afford one, than it isn’t that terrible. Simply buy a “simple” brand or even a copy (but credible to the original).

A real man wears an Automatic

Correction – a rich man wears an automatic! Really, it is not a problem to wear a watch with quartz mechanism. Adjust your favorite accessory to your style and what you have.

“Bigger wristwatch = bigger man”

Yes, many men choose large watches because of their conspicuous appearance, but there is no optimal size that measures the “size” of a man. However, wear a watch according to your taste and style and you can’t be wrong.

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