One Cup Of Alcohol Per Day Reduces The Risk Of Dementia


New research says that people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol per day have 25% lower risk of developing dementia.

Individuals who drank three to five cups of coffee a day have a 65% lower risk of dementia than those who did not consume caffeine.

This is all according to a research conducted at the University of California.

The same study, which was published on the website of the American Journal of Epidemiology, showed that fifty people who consume moderate amounts of alcohol per day are 25% less likely to come to a situation in which they forget their daily duties.

Scientists have determined that the term “moderate” when it comes to alcohol for healthy people, means 15 cups per week.

As for daily consumption, maximum of up to 5 glasses per day for men and 4 cups for women.

“People with health problems should not consume alcohol because of the possibility of adverse drug interactions. Others can enjoy a glass of beer or red wine, because it has been shown to improve the health condition”.

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2 Replies to “One Cup Of Alcohol Per Day Reduces The Risk Of Dementia

  1. A cup a day? That seems like a lot on a daily basis. I would have to wonder if the liver and kidneys would be real happy with that 🙂

    1. Take red wine for example, it has numerous health benefits such as reducing risk of cancer, dementia, depression and insulin resistance.

      The negative effects of all alcohol products are present when you consume more than 30 grams of alcohol per day ( that would be 2-3 cups per day ).

      That is when the liver gets hit the most.
      The risk is also present if it becomes a very bad habit and instead of 1 a day it becomes 5 a day or more. That can lead to depression and weight gain as well.

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