4 Fashion Rules You Can Break

fashion rules

There is a famous proverb that goes: “Rules are meant to be broken”.

The existence of such rules makes it likely for people to break them.

And oftentimes that happens for a good reason.

When it comes to fashion though, there are numerous rules that suit our style and taste and we always respect them.

But on the other hand there are some long before set rules that fashion stylists advise you can freely break.

  • Do not mix black and navy colors

The black color combined with navy do not match each other, so this is a real example of a fashion rule you should break.

  • Brown shoes

This rule is a quite crazy one and many do not even know it exists. In fact, many fashion stylists say brown shoes shouldn’t be worn after 5 pm. This unusual rule should be broken, because you can not walk with a few pairs of shoes during the day, right?

  • Tie should always be worn with suits

Tie is designed to complement the elegant, formal style, but this is one of the rules that is most violated. Today’s trends require the wearing of a tie even with a plain t-shirt. That sounds crazy, but believe me – it looks great.

  • Do not wear hoodies with suits

In the past, fashion rules did not allow the mixing of styles since then it was considered kitsch, but current trends require just that – mixing clothes that act incompatible, but give a fuller, more urban look.

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