Here is How to Make Your Sneakers White Again

white sneakers

Summer is surely coming and it is time to start wearing your favorite white canvas sneakers. But you noticed that they are quite dirty and resemble anything but white.

You put them in the washing machine, but some dark stains continue to be there?

What can you do?

You need soda, water, hydrogen peroxide, a dish container in which you can mix the ingredients.

Also you will need a tooth-brush which you can use to clean them with.


Stir one spoon of soda, half a spoon of water and half a spoon of hydrogen peroxide. Stir until you get a mix similar to a tooth paste.

Remove the laces and then with gentle moves apply the paste. You do not have to scrub, only apply the paste evenly.

Put the laces in the rest of the tooth paste and make sure they are well dripped.

Place the sneakers and the laces outside under the sun, as the sun in combination with the tooth paste will make the sneakers white again.

Leave them for 3-4 hours for the tooth paste to completely dry out. Shake off the paste from the sneakers or use a dry brush.

You will notice that your sneakers are now several shades brighter.

Check out this video to find out exactly how to do it.

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