How Does the Diet of Tom Brady Look Like?

tom brady diet
The famous quarterback of the Patriots is famous for the sports lifestyle and the desire to progress in every aspect of his game and physical fitness.

That famous quarterback is Tom Brady, one of the best and most successful quarterbacks in the world.

The secret of his enormous success lies in strict diets that are planned to detail.

In an interview for the portal Boston, his wife Gisele Bundchen explained what his diet looks like.

“His diet consists of 80% vegetable.

Tom selects only fresh organic vegetables, otherwise refuses to eat.

These are integral cereals, integral rice, quinoa, millet and beans.

The rest of the diet includes quality meat, such as meat from organic beef and pork.

There is, of course fish and Tom prefers to consume cooked salmon”– said the famous fashion model.

As for the ingredients Brady avoids, they are white sugar, white flour, yeast, iodine salt, tomatoes, hot peppers and mushrooms.

Brady consumes large amounts of bananas, which he considers to be a real “manly fruit”. For dessert, he selects un-roasted macaroons and the now famous avocado ice cream.

Although the diet is simple for this icon of American sports, it has proved very effective, given that Brady is 39 years old. Yet, he still does not intend to leave behind his successful career.

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