Favorite morning ritual: Why do we crave for Coffee?

coffee in the morning

Our morning rituals can not be imagined without a cup of coffee.

Coffee has almost instant effect for 15 to 30 minutes and brings the body in a state of alertness, but also the readiness for mental and physical effort. And that happens every time of day when you consume it, not just in the morning!

According to experts, you should not consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine a day, which would be 4 to 5 cups during the day, while pregnant women are advised half of this amount, i.e a maximum of 200 milligrams per day. Of course, all this applies provided that the coffee is the only source of caffeine.

Drinking coffee is often considered a good habit because it is a shining source of antioxidants – double compared with tea. Of course in the morning it is best to provide the “fuel” through food as well. And more repeated are the recommendations by experts – do not start your day without breakfast whether you drink coffee or not.


Coffee stimulates the work of the stomach and intestinal emptying.

The reaction of morning coffee is mostly a consequence of the changes that are already present in the stomach. To cut a long story short, coffee does not diminish the positive effects of the food.

Caffeine is a stimulating substance which acts through the center in the prefrontal cortex, which is the “command” center of the whole organism. So it manages to simultaneously ensure alertness, better motor skills, better energy metabolism, concentration, and better full working capacity.

Patients who are on a diet because of obesity often wonder if they can drink it. In that situation you should drink it without added sugar. Usual amounts do not cause any ill health effects – that’s what medicine is sure about, for now.

Adding milk is a matter of taste, not health. There are many who drink coffee that way. Milk certainly does no harm, because the proteins bind to chlorogenic acid, especially in the morning on an empty stomach.

The purpose of sellers is fast earning, so they often add various cheap raw materials. That is why it is best to buy fresh beans – it is very difficult to foster something without notice!


In any case, stick to reputable producers and enjoy their favorite drink without remorse – coffee is indeed a good and “healthy” habit!

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