The Art of Male Pocket Handkerchiefs

art of male pocket handkerchiefs

London’s Rampley & Co arises from the desire of the founder to present the most elegant models of pocket handkerchiefs inspired by history, and they are made exclusively from high quality materials.

With the help of exclusive materials such as purest silk, using skillful hands of top masters at their craft.

And in cooperation with institutions in the field of culture, such as the London National Gallery, Rampley & Co is inspired by some of the most famous works of art that have occurred in the UK.

Pocket squares with the signature Rampley & Co are made exclusively from the best materials with special techniques and are colored in Macclesfield town, known for its traditional textile processing, for more than 300 years.



Rampley & Co handkerchiefs represent subtle supplement combined with blazers, which achieves an excellent change to the complete look.

Indeed, in this case only one accessory can make even the classic monochrome suit with multitude of combinations of different neckties, bow bows and pocket handkerchiefs to act differently than before.

The way to fold pocket-sized handkerchief, along with color and patterns, speaks a lot about the style of a person.

A collection was recently presented, inspired by the history of London, which you can see in parts of the old city maps. While the second half of 2016, they provided several innovative models.

The first impression is that this pattern causes too much attention and it is not suitable for a pocket-handkerchief. And if you look at the examples you will see something completely opposite. Everyone has in his closet at least several monochrome handkerchiefs. Which certainly acted like a good idea at the time of purchase.

But now they completely lose their function and turn into a dull and less obtrusive accessory. Actually, the main feature of the pocket-handkerchief is to make the combination look rich and diversified. It brings some of their unusual expression in the classical way of dressing.

The possibilities for folding are limitless, when before you there is a pocket-handkerchief with unusual design. Because with every different setting, the whole combination gets a new style.

A pattern of the handkerchiefs is always visible and can always be different. And it sets up a perfect theme for the beginning of a new conversation.

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