13 simple fashion tips for men

Fashion tips for men

When it comes to men`s fashion there are some guidelines to consider if you want to leave the best impression. There are no hard written rules, just advice’s and suggestions on how to look better.

Here are some general tips on how to improve your fashion style:

  • Shoes should always be kept clean, polished daily and aired out to be preserved for longer periods.
  • Socks should match the pants, not the shoes as it will create a cleaner, more flattering look. Sometimes you can’t match the socks with pants and that is okay, you can then match them with shoes ( e.g matching black shoes with black socks regardless of the pants color ).
  • Pants/Jeans – go for slim fit and avoid ripped pants or jeans.
  • Belt – always match the belt with shoes, both in color and material.
  • Shirt – it is best if the shirt rests lightly on your body and it isn’t very tight or hanging too much off the skin. Regardless if you are well-built, skinny or big, for a better look you should opt for a slim fit shirt.
  • T-Shirt – same as with the shirt, but avoid deep V neck t-shirts. V necks are good, but not deep ones that uncover half of your upper body.
  • Turtleneck – same as the shirt, the slimmer it is, the better it will complement your body.
  • Cardigan/sweater – should be tight to the body, but be aware when you put it over a shirt. You don’t want to look overstuffed if you pick both garments to be tight.
  • Watch – you should always match the watch color with the shoe and belt color.
  • Tie – the larger you are the longer and wider the tie and vice versa, the smaller and skinnier you are the skinnier the tie should be.
  • Suspenders – same with ties, the larger you are the wider the suspenders should be and vice versa for smaller and skinnier men.
  • Scarf – you can match them with shoes, belt and watch color. Or you don’t have to match them and pick a standalone color. Scarfs are versatile.
  • Gloves – it is advisable to match them with the color of the shoes and belt.
Generally, all men should opt for tighter clothes, especially men that visit the gym often. It will complement your body, regardless of how much you weigh and you can put more layers on and still look good.

The younger you are, the more you want to stay away from full formal clothing. You want to be viewed as fashionable and stylish, yet not very official or business-like. Leave the formality and seriousness for when you are at work, doing business or otherwise.

When it comes to fashion remember “clothes don’t make the man, but they can make the man look great” and what better way is there to impress, than by looking great?

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