9 tips to be a more attractive man

Tips to be a more attractive man

Many men want to have more or better women in their lives, but simply don’t know how to make themselves more attractive to gain their attention. Other men simply want to become more attractive in order to boost their confidence.

Regardless what your reason is, here is a small list of tips you would want to change in order to become a more attractive man:

  • Shoes should always shine

Be fancy and always wear clean and shiny shoes. It takes just a couple of minutes to clean the shoes of any dust or dirt and to polish them.

  • Shoes and white socks just don’t match

White socks and black, elegant shoes can only be forgiven if worn by Michael Jackson, but you certainly will not be. It is better not wear any socks than to wear white ones.

To look more professional, be sure to have the shirt collar under the sweater. Having the collar over the sweater or the blazer may have been a fashion thing in the 70’s, but nowadays you will look a bit clumsy if you leave the collar over the sweater. Always put the collar under the sweater.

  • Keep the gym clothes just for the gym

The clothes you wear to the gym while exercising, should not be part of your everyday outfit.

  • Clothes that fit perfectly

We have covered this point in other articles as well and for the sake of it, lets repeat it here again. Do not buy too small or too big clothes, but only garments that perfectly fit you, because it is the only way you will get the desired effect.

  • Regular nail care

Long nails aren’t in. Cut and care them regularly. Beautiful and manicured nails are crucial for men as much as they are for women.

  • Shaving does not have to be the first thing you do after you wake up

Give your skin time to wake up. Wait 10-15 minutes and then began the morning beauty and shaving treatment.

  • Short movements

When shaving use short movements in the direction of hair growth. Do not shave against the grain.

  • Posture

Slouch or hunchbacked posture gives the impression that you don’t take good care of yourself. Straighten your posture and it will reflect your confidence and sex appeal.

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