Best Summer Combinations For All Occasions

best summer combinations for all occasions

The beautiful, warm summer weather allows for playing with fashion and all the fashion details.

Therefore, here a few perfect combinations that can be worn for all occasions.

From simple, daily to elegant clothes, I give you some suggestions for a new, trendy look.

In case of a business combination, or maybe you need something more elegant for a night club, shirt and pants are always a good option.

Shirt in bright colors with folded sleeves to the elbows. Pants with length to ankles will make you modern and well styled.

For similar occasions, you can use the shirt in short sleeves, which you can combine with shorts. Enhance the combination with a belt, which will bring a slight contrast and also attract a lot of attention.

The horizontal lines are always IN. They are a great choice for summer days, and since have become part of the navy style.

And they look irresistible with other summer clothes as well.

When prints and colorful patterns are concerned, men are often skeptical and avoid wearing them.

However, the floral print is the leading trend this season, so there is no reason not to wear on a shirt with short or long sleeves.

Not necessarily to always be floral print – generally, colorful patterns are trendy this year.

For several seasons now, open shirts are must-have, and in addition, they fit perfectly with jeans, shorts, and with sleek pants.

In various colors and designs, these shirts are an indication of good style, but also show how much effort you have invested in the gym.

And remember, keep it simple, keep it classy.

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