Keepers of Immunity: 10 Foods High in Vitamin C

keepers of immunity

Vitamin C plays an important role when it comes to strengthening the health immunity.

It is excellent in treatment and prevention of seasonal flu and colds.

The orange fruit is known as a commodity with the most vitamin C itself.

Doctors recommend drinking a glass of orange juice daily.

But you will be surprised by the fact that there are other foods that contain a higher percentage of this vitamin.

Here are the 10 foods high in vitamin C that strengthen the immunity:

Chili pepper – half a plate of these peppers contains 107.8 mg. vitamin C, which is twice that of an orange.

They are excellent in reducing muscle pain.

Strawberries – the amount of vitamin C in this delicious fruit is 84 mg.

Strawberries are great guardians of the heart and they help in whitening teeth.

Red pepper – contains even 3 times more vitamin C than orange – 190 mg. Peppers are rich in vitamin A as well, which is good for eye health.

Kale – this is a vegetable that contains twice the dose of vitamin A and 7 times the recommended dose of vitamin K. As for vitamin C, kale contains 80.4 mg of it.

Green pepper – although it contains less vitamin C than red peppers, though the figure for recommended daily dose is double. Moreover, the green pepper is an excellent source of fiber.

Broccoli – contains 132 mg. vitamin C, and a large amount of fiber and only 30 calories per serving.

Papaya – research shows that eating papaya cleanses the sinuses, improves the strength of bones and improves skin elasticity. One serving of this fruit contains 88 mg. vitamin C.

Pineapple – other than the 72 mg. vitamin C, pineapple also contains enzymes that help digestion and prevent flatulence.

Kiwi – this fruit contains a whopping 137 mg. vitamin C.

Mango – other than vitamin C, manganese is also rich in vitamin A.

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