Why Modern Women Go Crazy For Bearded Men?

bearded men
Men, if you’re having trouble getting down with women, the solution can be very simple – grow a beard!

Sometime ago a man with a beard was a symbol of wisdom, and scientists say that fact is true today. Bearded men are seen somewhat in a better way.

Although you can often hear women complaining about the chin on her chosen man because it pokes and scratches.

But, it seems that smooth and freshly shaven face in the stronger sex is still not a priority when it comes to the look of men.

A recent survey showed that women believe that men with beards are better candidates for a serious relationship.

Researchers examined 8,520 women and gave them the task to rank photos of men according to their physical attractiveness, and after that to determine whether they are better choice for a serious relationship or short and optional adventure.

On the pictures were shown men with shaven face, those who cherish beard two to three days, as well as those who have a longer beard.

Clean shaven had the worst rank!

Women evaluated men without beard as less attractive and even attributed them to female facial features.

Bearded men had outstanding evaluation and women think are perfect for serious relations.

Those with shorter beard were assessed as being suitable for short-term relationships.

Women associate the chin with masculinity and social domination, explain experts.

Bearded men were assessed as mature and manlier, socially dominant and with a more aggressive look. Unlike the neatly clean shaven men, experts concluded.

What is your choice on this topic? Beard or no beard?

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