5 Exercises for Agility and Speed

agility and speed exercises

Vigorous exercises have long been considered a type of training that is intended exclusively for professional athletes.

They are part of the physical preparation of tennis players, footballers, athletes and others where speed is crucial for achieving better results.

However, in recent years, this type of training has experienced great popularity due to its positive effects on the whole organism.

These exercises not only improve the speed of the body but also increase the length of the step, and improves balance as well.

This type of physical activity also has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system.

The secret in performing these exercises is to do minimal breaks.

To make the most of this training, it is important to respect the prescribed schedule of exercise.

These exercises are performed in three series in the range of 10 to 15 repetitions.

Exercise no. 1: Box Jump

Exercise no. 2: Side Touches

Exercise no. 3: Narrow Wide Squat

Exercise no. 4: Split Squat Jump

Exercise no. 5: Side High Knees

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