Did You Know? People Who Are Under Stress Require More Carbohydrates

People Under Stress Require More Carbohydrates

The smell, taste, structure and psychoactive properties of carbohydrates cause the greatest need among people who live under stress.

Namely, when we are anxious, our body assumes that we are in danger and that we need analgesic (cortisol is a hormone that acts as such).

In this case, the brain begins to produce too much cortisol in order to relieve the pain.

Cortisol stimulates the production of neuropeptide Y, which is the main factor for the need for carbohydrates.

If you eat, driven by need, then you are likely to gain more weight.

Stress not only arouses the desire for carbohydrates, but significantly complicates the loss of adipose tissue.


Consume small meals with carbohydrates – it will slow the desire for them during the next meal. Also, one of the reasons for this need is low levels of serotonin.

A solution to low levels of serotonin is in regular exercise and vitamin B6 intake, which is excellent in reducing stress.

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