Take This Test to Check Whether You Have Enough Sleep

Take This Test to Check Whether You Have Enough Sleep
Each adult needs seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep per day.

To find out if you sleep enough at night, check out this simple test.

Sufficient sleep is crucial for human health and functioning.

All that is needed in the afternoon is to go to the bedroom and try to sleep.

Bring a spoon and a metal tray with yourself.

Namely, when you lie down, one hand should hold the spoon with the hand placed off the bed, and place the tray just below the spoon on the floor.

Look at the clock, close your eyes and try to sleep.

When you fall asleep, the spoon will fall from your hand and will hit the tray which should wake you up.

Then again look at the clock and calculate how much time you needed to sink into sleep.

“If you fall asleep after 15 minutes, you are good and you are not lacking sleep. If you fall asleep after about 10 minutes, it means that you miss sleep but it is not so worrying. But if you fall asleep within five minutes or less, that means you suffer a serious lack of sleep”, explains insomnia expert, Dr. Michael Mosley.

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