Swearing Increases Strength and Resilience to Pain

Swearing Increases Strength and Resilience to Pain

Scientists from Keele University conducted two experiments to find the way swearing affects the strength.

The results which they came to were rather surprising.

According to them, swearing has positive effects and can help people with great efforts.

With the help of swearing you can increase physical strength and resistance to pain.

The first study involved 29 participants who underwent anaerobic testing.

They made a short, intensive training on a stationary bicycle. Scientists studied what happened when they used profanities and when they were exercising without swearing.

The second experiment involved 52 subjects on which isometric testing was conducted to the strength of the grip of the hand by swearing and after a period without swearing.

The results of the first experiment showed that participants had greater strength after swearing. And of the second experiment they had a stronger grip on their arm.

Presenter of the study, Dr Richard Stevens, said it was earlier known that swearing increases tolerance to pain.

According to scientists, swearing can affect the nervous system of the body – the same composition that accelerates the heart rate when we are in danger.

One study conducted in 2014 has negated the fact that people who swear are lazy and uneducated.

Rather, they may be very intelligent and successful people.

Although this study found that swearing increases physical strength and resistance to pain, scientists have not yet managed to find out why it happens and what processes take place in our nervous system, but they plan to conduct more research precisely on this topic.

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