5 Essential Shirts Every Man Should Own

5 Essential Shirts Every Man Should Own.

For the office, for relaxed occasions, entertainment or a ceremony, shirts are definitely part of the wardrobe of every man who cares about his appearance.

The man who has a style always knows how to recognize the right shirt, and these 5 models, specifically from the brand Hugo Boss, are what every man should possess in his closet.

You should note that from time to time the trend with shirts of different motives or those made of synthetic materials change.

But for men with high quality style, those trends are absolutely out of the question!

Here are the 5 essential shirts every man should own:

  • White shirt

By choosing the simple white shirt you can never be wrong. You can wear it in formal occasions combined with a tie.

But you can get away with a more comfortable look too, when you unbutton the top two buttons and you roll your sleeves. Thus you automatically achieve a completely different look.

A lot of it depends on the collar of the shirt, for example, whether it is high or Russian collar. Collar that’s always a good choice is the so-called Windsor collar that looks great with a tie, but even without it.

  • Light blue shirt

The choice of light blue shirt is always a great choice. This shirt has a much greater application unlike classic white shirt.

It is an essential choice for business combinations, and the color is a perfect backdrop for almost any tie and coat in any shade – gray, dark blue, striped etc.

If a long business day awaits, the best choice is definitely blue shirt with Oxford weaving. Because the material vents the air very well, your skin can breathe easily, while the shirt would not crease.

  • Dark blue with white striped lines

Shirt with dark blue and white striped lines is perfectly combined with a slimmer elegant sweater. It is a great fit with a simple tie and gray suit as well.

  • Plaid shirt

You might think that this shirt is not quite the best choice for business occasions, but it can certainly be an excellent choice in some casual work environments.

This is the shirt that manages to bridge the gap between business and casual. Choose subtle cubes if you wear this shirt in combination with a blazer. While in casual editions you should not wear a tie.

  • Denim shirt

These shirts will probably never go out of fashion. They are the perfect choice for weekends, but are the perfect choice for relaxed evenings too.

Just as your jeans, the denim shirt should not be too dark nor too bright.


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