How to Impress Her on the First Date?

How to Impress Her on the First Date

When it comes to the first date, we are all a little nervous, because no one can predict what happens. But should you always be ready for everything? Well, yes of course!

Before the first date, we all have a vague idea of ​​the person we come across.

Regardless of our previous experiences, the question always arises: how to break the ice?

It is good to know, at this point, that you share the same thoughts with the person sitting across from you, so relax!

The first dilemma that men often encounter is the choice of clothes.

Many men think pieces of clothing that you choose play an important role.

It is true, but it is more important to look fresh and nurtured.

The choice of wardrobe indicates that you have tried, but not changed entirely.

The most important thing is to save your essence, which we assume is the main “culprit” for this first date.

What women are more likely to be impressed by, are the details.

Remember, unkempt nails, oily hair or wrinkled wardrobe are your enemies. On the other hand, too “neat” look might seem artificial.

It is simple, be lazy and tidy at the same time.

Where should you go for the first date?

Most men opt for a partially intimate and warm atmosphere. Women who love unknown places, will leave the choice to you, and those who need something familiar, choose themselves.

Try to always be the one to choose. Do not book a table at an expensive restaurant or a popular one. Go to a place that will relax you.

Also, do not choose a place with loud music or too many people. The point of the first date is to interact, and the noise will only further hamper your conversation.

Basically, pick a place where the two of you can communicate and flirt without a problem.

What should you talk about?

Insert humor, but be serious. Make sure your laughter is not loud. The first date should be intimate without everyone looking at you two.

When you “move the conversation,” do not attack with serious issues. Conversations like “what do you expect out of life?” And “Why you chose me?” leave them for the future.

Setting these issues have the opposite effect – it will shut her down and away from you before you introduce your strengths. The subtlety in asking questions means a need for more time to explore.

And please do not mention your former relationships – past does not matter, what matters is the moment in which you live!

Make the first date a very friendly, warm and flirty one. Set a relaxing tone that will attract her and make her want to spend more time with you.

And finally – do not worry about how the first date went and what she thinks about you. Do not burden yourself with such thoughts as it can hamper your next move.

You would have already set an impression on her, so you should focus on your next move instead of thinking what she thinks about you.

The moment she picks up the phone after the first date, is the moment you know everything went well 😉

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