4 Steps to Easily Get Out of Bed in the Morning

4 Steps to Easily Get Out of Bed in the Morning

The morning alarm is something we believe no one is happy about.

Getting up in the morning is never easy, but there are ways to make it easier every start of the day.

Every morning ask yourself a specific reason for getting up. Be it exercise, breakfast with family or showering.

It shall be an additional motivation for getting out of bed easily.

  • Always wake up at the same time

Try every night to go to bed at the same time. If you do not have that habit, start to practice.

Yes, you will need a long time get used to, but then you will get up with ease.

Do not forget – every adult needs eight hours of sleep.

  • Good preparation

Every night before going to bed, prepare everything you need for the morning.

Iron your clothes that you plan to wear, make sure all your stuff is in a bag and leave the keys of the house and the car on a visible place.

  • Say “no” to television

Avoid television, computer and mobile phone at least an hour before lying down.

Exposure to artificial light awakens and reduces the production of melatonin – the hormone that is responsible for quality sleep.

Stick to these tips on a daily basis.

Also, attempt to go to bed and get up at about the same time on the weekends as well, so as not to disrupt your internal clock.

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  1. When I saw your tips for getting up early, I knew they were for me, although I am a bit concerned about becoming a better “man”, but I guess I’ll take it in my stride. Thanks for following my blog. I am also focusing on constantly improving myself and have made soem good strides forward this year. I feel these are gearing me up for my long term project to write a motivational books about living with and fighting back against adversity.
    xx Rowena

    1. Very pleased to hear that. Thumbs up too, for your future project.
      A lot of people in the world are in need of help and if we can just give them the right push in the right direction, I would be most pleased.
      Which is exactly what i am trying to do with my site.

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