Amazing! 45 Year Old Transforms His Body In Just 12 Weeks

Amazing! 45 Year Old Transforms His Body In Just 12 Weeks

45-year-old Ben Jackson from Warrington, England uncovered the secret for his amazing body transformation in just 12 weeks.

Obesity and lack of muscles is something that many men face, but Jackson proved that it must not be so.

He turned to a sports nutritional company that helped him get the body of his dreams.

Ben emasculated seven kilograms and reduced body fat by 20%, which is very important to emphasize the muscle structure and health of the body.

He replaced pie and beer with low-calorie diet rich in protein.

After a strict diet plan, he gave up alcohol and trained five times a week.

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Instead of energy drinks, chocolates and junk food, Jackson consumed six smaller meals a day. The meals included chicken, rice, vegetables, eggs and pasta.

“Many men who are older than 45 believe that it is too late to shape their bodies. They think that they do not have the same durability as in their 20’s. My main goal was to lose weight, to regain fitness and body shape,” says Jackson.

He says he had changed completely, not only physically but also mentally.

“Now I sleep much better, I have more patience with the children and problems in the workplace are not priority anymore. I am happy and I hope this will inspire other middle-aged men to activate themselves and start living a healthy life,” said Ben.

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