6 Cool Outfit Ideas For Going On A Date

Date outfits

There’s this girl you like and want to date. You’ve already started communicating, exchanging messages, talking on the phone etc.

And then comes the time to take the next step, a date.

You set up a date at a cafe or at your favorite restaurant and the question pops up in your mind: What should I wear?

It is a good question indeed.

You would want to dress to impress her, just as much as she would dress and prepare to look as best she can for you.

Not wearing an elegant, matching-for-the-occasion outfit might not impress her and you might still get her.

But having a proper outfit for when you go out with her, will not only boost your attraction, but will also make you stand out from all the other men that have gone out or simply met her before.

When you set the date for midday at your local cafe or to grab some launch at a restaurant, these outfits would be nice ideas:

When you set the date for the evening however, you would want to dress a little sharper:

If you can, wear red. A red blazer or a red sweater over your shirt will be a good choice. Red has a power of increasing attraction, which is exactly what you want.

In a more casual setting, pick more casual clothes. Shoes with jeans and a blazer works good. Turtleneck instead of a shirt is also a good idea.

In a more formal setting, pick more formal clothes. Shoes with a suit or pants and a blazer of different color. Adding a tie can be a nice touch to an otherwise fine outfit.

Above all, avoid tracksuits, hoodies, sneakers, t-shirts with slogans/prints or otherwise boyish clothing.

Women really do pay attention to what you wear and how you wear it. They may not compliment you right away, but they do notice, make no mistake about that. Also, pay attention to how clean your clothes are. Having a crisp-clean suit with muddy shoes is just not cool.

Regardless if it is the first date or the tenth, a stylish man always dresses to impress. Many men make this simple, but huge mistake thinking after they have gotten together with her, they will not have to care what they wear or what they look like.

It is wrong though. Not only do you show her and everyone else, that you just dress to get what you want, you also show that you don’t actually care if you are seen as a stylish man.

This can have negative effects, as you will be seen as a fraud, rather than a sincere, genuine and very stylish man.

Always make sure to pick the best outfit for every occasion, even if it means being overdressed. Being overdressed is not wrong, being under-dressed, however, is.

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