Mistakes You Make Trying To Fascinate Her

Mistakes You Make Trying To Fascinate Her

Anyone can make a fool of themselves from ignorance, false beliefs or simply because of fear.

And men make a lot of mistakes when they try to fascinate a given girl.

But when you find out why your mistakes are embarrassing, perhaps you will leave that way of flirting in the past.

These are the mistakes you make while you try to fascinate the girl you like:

  • Bad timing for demonstrating your talent

At the moment when the atmosphere is intimate and you need to kiss her, you reach for the acoustic guitar and start playing.

By doing this, you give the impression that your instrument is more beautiful than the girl, even-though that’s not the case.

She will not be fascinated by your talent – but you will feel neglected and disappointed.

And she will surely be bored.

There are so many other things that you can do together, and you choose the one which there is no place or time.

Playing a guitar is romantic, but leave that activity for another time. You do not need to prove yourself to her, but to show interest in the lady you are with.

  • Communicating “important” information about yourself

You can build your self-confidence by chasing a successful career, hard workout in a gym, a strict diet, playing in a band, writing a book, etc.

It is okay if you are convinced that you are good at what you do. But avoid “bombarding” the girl with details that don’t mean anything to her or she simply doesn’t understand them.

This move leaves an impression of a “bragger”, and this is something most frivolous for a man.

You need to get to know her value system to understand what she appreciates and what she likes about you. And when that happens, give her access to your life and not a violent marketing campaign.

  • Pictures of your penis 

Avoid sending pictures of your penis to girls, unless they ask for it. This will not fascinate her.

For women, sex is a connection and intimacy. And your images act as a prostitute attempt at the level of porn communication.

Very few women really enjoy pornographic material. Most people think that it’s not tasty, and bragging with naked photos gives an impression of a person who is not capable of emotional intercourse, and is probably not good in bed.

  • “Love” stories about your successes with women

You can mention your ex-love, because you are above all an emotional being.

But, if you start telling which girl you have “conquered” in order to represent your sexual qualities, she will lose interest in you fast.

Women do not want to be part of your “array”, so they do not want to know what you did with other girls.

By talking about your successes, you put her in “the same basket with others,” and it’s just humiliating. Any premature pursuit of sex in any context is doubting your human qualities and emotional capacities.

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