Interview Outfit Ideas For Men

Interview outfit ideas

So you have just made a killer CV and applied for a job at a well established company and as soon as you got called up for an interview, thoughts arise as what to wear?

It isn’t some science, but there are a lot of men that don’t dress up properly when they are called up for an interview.

The rules are simple: avoid sneakers, tracksuits, over-sized shirts and pants or otherwise an extremely casual or slack approach.

You need to show the interviewer that you are a confident, stylish and properly groomed man.

Showing that also shows you do care about your appearance, that you are responsible and reliable person and you pay attention to details.

It takes time and routine for a man to be properly groomed and typically those are men with high levels of responsibility and maturity.

So, when you go for an interview, this is what you should wear:


You don’t always have to choose a suit and a tie. And if you opt for a more casual approach, the third example shows the right way.

Keep in mind the following: 
  • Black or brown shoes
  • Pants or dark jeans
  • White, blue or a purple shirt are your best choices
  • Blazer
  • Suit ( instead of pants/jeans + blazer combination )
  • Tie – an added bonus, but not a necessity

Not only will you impress the interviewer ( or interviewers ) but you will also show class.

Having well fitted-clothes, clean shoes and smelling nice, shows that you didn’t get dressed up just for an interview.

Rather it shows that it is a style created and managed with care.

Wearing sneakers or over-sized suits just makes you look sloppy and confused.

If you don’t know how to dress for an interview, questions will arise if you know other aspects of life well.

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