Caffeine Affects The Levels of Testosterone in Men

Caffeine Affects The Levels of Testosterone in Men

Adult men may have lower levels of testosterone if their mothers consumed large amounts of coffee during pregnancy.

A survey conducted by US Doctor Kim Harley links the negative impact of caffeine on male reproductive capacity.

The research was concerned exactly for the period of pregnancy.

Caffeine is known for its adverse effects on the placenta in the uterus, as well as on the development of the fetus.

Experiments have shown that caffeine strongly affects the metabolism, which also reflects the development of fetal testicles.

It is not clear, however, whether it is the impact of caffeine in general or the impact of only one of the ingredients found therein.

How does coffee drinking during pregnancy affect male descendants?

The most current Danish study has made an accurate analysis of mothers who drink plenty of coffee and those who drink moderately, up to three cups during the day.

The results showed that mothers of the first group had almost 10% less testosterone than those in the second group.

The excessive amount of caffeine also causes lower levels of hormone inhibin B in the body and lower sperm production.

Statistically, this percentage is not 100% confirmed, but it is strongly believed in its accuracy.

Caffeine increases the level of testosterone in adults

Another study proves the opposite of the adult respondents – “the more caffeine, the more testosterone”. This study proves that the different intake of caffeine at different times in life has a different impact.

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