What Do You Want To Know About Women?

What Do You Want To Know About Women

Women are fascinating creatures and we love them no matter what.

There are always many questions and topics that you would like to talk with them.

And for many of those you simply do not even know how to start the conversation in the first place.

If you actually ask men what they want to know about women, you will probably be surprised by the number of answers that you will receive.

The application “Lulu” allowed men to be able to ask an array of questions anonymously, specifically for the female members.

After only a week, more than 60 thousand questions were collected through this application.

If it can be judged by the results, men are really curious when it comes to women.

In addition, these are the 10 most frequently asked questions that men are often intrigued by:

● Should I try even for the third time if a girl refuses me twice?
● Do you like it when I send a photo of my penis?
● Does the wedding ring prevent the remaining ones from getting close to the married man?
● Do women really want good guys?
● How can I ask for oral sex, and yet not offend her?
● Which part of the female body is getting most excited?
● Why do women usually want to go to the bathroom in groups?
● How many men does a woman sleep with on average?
● What is more attractive, abdominal muscles or biceps?
● How often do women masturbate?

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