8 Things You Do That Make Her Feel Insecure

8 Things You Do That Make Her Feel Insecure

Many women, regardless of how they relate to the environment, are concerned about similar things, especially when it comes to first outings with a new partner.

And although men are equally uncertain about almost the same things with women, women still care about things that are completely different from you.

And it is precisely your actions that can significantly change her feelings.

Here are some tips to help you raise her self-esteem, and make her feel better in your vicinity.

She doubts you will call her again after your first date

It is very important to do what you have promised to do.

So if you’ve promised to call on Monday, then do it exactly that day.

If this does not correspond to your character, it would be better to be unpredictable than to violate the promise that you have given her.

She thinks you’re only interested in sex

This is very often a delicate question that almost all women ask.

Early moves will make her think that all you want with her is just sex. But on the other hand, if you wait too long, she will think that all you want is to be good friends.

It is best to be specific and be clear of what it is you want with her, and she will let you know when she is ready for greater intimacy in relationships.

She is suspicious that you are seeing other women too

If this is so, then you should not lie to her. Such conversations are best avoided, but if that is the case, it is best to be completely honest.

It’s fair for her to know the truth, which of course you would like her to know about it.

She does not believe that you are sincerely interested

Even the most confident women sometimes doubt and require confirmation that you are really interested in them.

That’s why, do something unique or something simple. It is enough to remind her that you think of her. And by doing so you will prove that she is really special to you.

She asks herself if you cheat on her

If she really doubts, and you do not give absolutely no room for doubt, it would be best to say that her doubts are still unfounded.

But if you have left room for doubt, you will need to speak frankly.

Tell her that this time you are fully committed and that you have no intention of letting her down for the second time.

She is suspicious that your attention is directed at another woman

If you are still going to flirt with other women, then you can’t blame her for feeling uncertain alongside you.

There is nothing wrong with the safe flirt, but when you are with her, she still deserves your full attention.

She asks herself if she pleases you in bed

Women always have doubts about the appearance of their bodies and their experience in bed.

If you are completely satisfied with your partner, make sure she knows it.

But if you still want something to change, then be direct, but choose the appropriate words.

The honest conversation will surely bear fruit, and the pleasures in the bed with her will become even greater.

She thinks she’s no longer attractive to you

If you are in a longer relationship, you shouldn’t leave room for it to stop feeling special, like the beginnings.

Do not forget to give her compliments whenever there is room for such a thing. And that way you will surely revive the passion in the relationship just as it was at the very beginning.

These 8 things are just few of many which make her feel insecure, but are enough to get you started.

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