Guys Here is a Suggestion for You: Please Stop Wearing Flip-Flops

Please Stop Wearing Flip-Flops

Ah, the flip-flops.

This is the biggest fashion summer mistake in the world, and the name “flip-flops” is just a confirmation of it.

Before you begin to comment that this article is wrong, let’s just confirm that we do not approve this for either men, women, or children.

Simply put, at this moment, there is a great selection of footwear to walk on sand, and it is even better to go barefoot.

There are sandals of any kind.

Although in the world of men’s fashion you have to look a little better in the selection of sandals so you do not look lost on the beach.

You have espadrilles, moccasins, loafers, and the standard slippers from the greatest and most famous brands.

Let this gallery serve as evidence, leaving the first picture a bit okay and normal, so as not to say that this article is biased.

On the first picture in our book, a barefoot would be better than a flip-flop.

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