These Are The 4 Types of Women You Should Avoid In Your Life

These Are The 4 Types of Women You Need To Avoid In Your Life

Do not say that you have not been warned!

You are at your favorite bar and there are lots of women around.

You spot one in particular, she’s alone and is even drinking a beer!

Why wouldn’t you make a move, right?

Although your potential girl seems perfect, there are signs that indicate she may not be worth the effort.

Pay attention to these four types of women that you should avoid – of course, if you are not sure about approaching.

A woman who recently broke up with her boyfriend

What’s the problem you might ask?

Women who recover from a breakup are attractive because they are full of passion and are less wild, but they will break your heart.

These girls are trying to get over the last relationship in any way, so they indulge with anyone who will help them feel better.


It means getting into a new bond and fast running things that usually end very quickly.

Additionally, if you get in touch with a girl who has not yet solved the problems of the last relationship, it’s likely that some of the problems will be passed on to you, and you should not tolerate it.

Women drinking alone at a bar

What’s the problem you might ask?

Men easily fall for women who act fun. But be careful, she may have broken up with her partner or had a terrible day at work. And such women often know to be very emotional under the influence of alcohol.

You would want to have fun with her, not comforting her so she can forget what happened to her. It is a burden you do not want to bear.

A woman to whom everybody is guilty

What is the problem you might ask?

If each of her stories is about something bad that happened, but not by her fault, than be careful.

She is not capable of taking responsibility for her actions and she will never feel the need to change her behavior.

Sadly, many people complain that they want to be at the center of attention. If you notice such behavior, it would be better to distance yourself.

A woman who does not separate herself from her mobile phone

What’s the problem you might ask?

Dependence on smartphones means that she needs to be in touch with others to feel secure.

If she does not correspond with friends, it probably means she corresponds to work mail, which is equally bad.

The point of a date is hanging out with people, but if someone is not able to “leave” the work outside the bar on Friday night, that addiction will pose a problem in the relationship.

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