How to Find a Job After The 45th Year of Life?

How to find a job

You have just entered the 45th year of life and are out of a job. And now you are wondering how you can get back to work, so you can provide for your family.

Looking for work nowadays is stressful, and this process can take a long time.

Especially if it is an older worker, because employers are looking for younger staff.

Statistics show that elderly people look for work longer than young people.

Here are some tips on how to speed up this process.

  • Get rid of the years of your resume and job positions that no longer exist today.

You do not have to specify the year of your education in your CV. So scratch the years of education and the past job positions that are currently nowhere to be found on the market.

  • Explore the Internet.

Look for companies looking for older workers. This will give you new ideas.

They may not be the best working positions or the job you will love doing. But, it definitely is better to have a job than not to have one.

  • Keep some things for yourself.

Do not list how you have 30 years of work experience. Because it will make you look even older in the eyes of the employer.

Employers don’t hold themselves too much on your birth date. So, if you state that you have 30 years of experience, they will immediately return to that section and wonder how old you are.

Besides that, there is no reason to list your 30 year work experience if there is no experience required for the position you apply for.

If, on the other hand, there is work experience required, than list the number of years you have spent on that similar position.

  • Increase your work skills.

Be flexible when it comes to salary or other benefits, and that you can work part-time too.

Use your contacts. It is known that older people have more contacts.

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