The Sexy Italian Millionaire (49) Shows on the Beach Why he is Fatal for Women

The Sexy Italian Millionaire (49) Shows on the Beach Why he is Fatal for Women

Gianluca Vacchi, 49, is an Italian businessman and millionaire, who captivates many women with his dance.

And now he shows his sculptured body in a miniature bathing suit.

Even on the beach, Gianluca promotes his original style.

His beard is perfectly groomed, the silver jewelry is exhibited around his legs, and a white bathing suit around his waist.

The body of this 49-year-old is perfectly shaped, and each muscle is prominent when he enters the water.

His property is estimated at $300 million, and he works as a coach and entrepreneur.

The Italian millionaire is followed by over 3 million people, and his wife has 2.2 million fans on Instagram.

With dancing they introduced themselves to the world, and then it became public knowledge that Gianluca was engaged in sales of auto parts and that he was a member of the board of a famous pharmaceutical company.

When he earned enough money, he left everything.

And now she enjoys life with his wife.

Travels are his great passion, as well as working out, which makes him look good too.

Many people, because of their unusual lifestyle, worship him.

Gianluca and his wife, Gabriella, became world-famous a year ago after this video appeared on Instagram:

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