5 Minute Rule: The Famous Billionaire has the Solution to Laziness

5 Minute Rule The Famous Billionaire has the Solution to Laziness

Try this method the next time you feel lazy to complete an obligation.

Interestingly, this advice against laziness comes from the director of the famous Social Network Instagram, which often knows to be the “culprit” of our inefficiency throughout the day.

Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s founder, says his most important hour for himself is the morning.

That is when he trains for 60 minutes.

Systrom wakes up every morning and rides a bike, and one day, as he says, he will overcome the toughest tours in France.

He is not the only billionaire that trains in the morning, in order to increase his productivity throughout the day.

This habit is shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey, as well as Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

But how do they cling to this routine every morning, even when they are preoccupied with obligations all day long?

The 5 Minute Rule

Systrom has a rule with the help of which he is free from prolonged laziness:

“If you do not want to do something, and you know that you have to, make a deal with yourself that you will do it for at least 5 minutes. After five minutes, you will completely forget the given deadline and you’ll finish the task”, he says.

And that’s true.

Remember how many times have you heard that the best way to finish something is to start with the same.

Motivating in the beginning is the biggest struggle – after that, it is much easier to take the first steps.

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