3 Golden Rules For A Flat Stomach

3 Golden Rules for a Flat Stomach

Most people think you can flatten your stomach just by exercising. But as soon as they stumble on the first obstacle, the kitchen, they give up and change their tune.

Fact is, all you need is will and a little discipline. People say, you can predict how your day will unravel just by noticing your morning.

So it is best to start the day with a big smile.

After a series of positive thoughts, try to obey the following rules that will help you “iron out” your stomach.

1. Do not skip breakfast

This is a very important rule and it does not matter how much you think you do not have the opportunity to eat before going to work. Let me just tell you that you are wrong and that you actually don’t really have the will to change it.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Change your morning start by always trying to eat breakfast for about an hour after getting out of bed.

2. Ingest proteins

If you start the day with proteins, you will be full for a longer time. Try to eat eggs, whole bread or Greek yogurt. Not only will you feel fuller, but you will also feel more energized.

Everyone’s needs are different, so see what works best for you and if you can, try to eat a nutritious breakfast with lots of proteins.

3. Eat bananas

Bananas will give you energy and stimulate the secretion of the hormone of happiness. Normally, if you want better results, exercise regularly and consume less carbohydrates.

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Tom Brady is just one of many to consume a lot of bananas, which ultimately help him in the long run, with him even confirming that.

These are just a few of the many talking points that you need to change in order to flatten your stomach. Do not make the same mistakes many people do. What you eat is more important than how much you exercise.

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