Which Diet is Suitable for Summer Days, and What Should You Avoid?

Which diet is suitable for summer days, and what should you avoid

When it comes to a healthy diet, summer is definitely the best season when we can enjoy the most healthy and fresh foods. Especially in seasonal and colorful fruits and vegetables.

At least in the summer, fried and oily foods should be avoided.

Quality fish should be consumed as much as possible, at least once or twice a week.

Practicing this diet affects our health and helps prevent diseases.

What kind of diet is suitable for summer days, and what you should avoid?

Eat more often red, orange or yellow fruits and vegetables

The variety of fruits and vegetables in the plates offers many nutrients that protect the body from the action of free radicals, reduce inflammation and help reduce harmful cholesterol.

Nutrition in the summer period should be abundant with valuable nutrients that will protect the body from harmful radiation, thus helping to prevent skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkles.

Orange, yellow and red fruits and vegetables contain herbal pigments that stimulate pigmentation. And at the same time possess antioxidant properties.

Therefore, in the summer, enjoy the sour cherries, peaches, melons, watermelons, carrots etc.

You should avoid fried, smoked and seasoned food all year round, but especially in summer, so apply these tips.

Foods rich in saturated fat increase the risk of plaque build-ups and arteries, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Consuming a larger amount of spicy foods causes dehydration. As mentioned, choose fish, chicken, turkey or duck meat. And also, this period is good to practice the Mediterranean diet.

Studies have confirmed the health benefits of this diet, and fresh spices used to contribute to disease prevention. Besides them, olive oil, fish, whole grains have a positive effect on the organism.

Take a moderate amount of wine

Moderate consumption of red wine protects the blood vessels and brain from harmful radicals, but does not need to be exaggerated.

Nutritionists recommend red wine for healthy heart and blood vessels.

In the summer, in order to put out thirst, we usually reach for cold drinks.

But it’s better to cool of if we are drinking fluids at room temperature or drinking hot teas and drinks.

What about dairy products?

In order not to burden the digestive system, it is desirable to consume fresh foods in frequent, smaller meals, and avoid too many sweet dishes and drinks.

The organism in summer naturally requires foods that are easy to digest, rich in water and minerals that are lost through sweating, with multiple plant cells, and a smaller amount of fat and protein.

Fresh fruit juices and low-fat fermented dairy products are a useful source of enzymes, useful bacteria, vitamins and minerals.

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