Kangaroos “Confuse” Autonomous Cars in Australia

Kangaroos Confuse Autonomous Cars in Australia

The system for detection of large animals, which Volvo uses on the prototype of self-propelled cars, has a problem recognizing kangaroos crossing the road – because of their unusual mode of movement.

Engineers working on the development of this type of car will have to solve many more problems.

And one of the numerous obstacles standing on the road to safe traffic are wild animals that often run through the road.

For this purpose, the Volvo company developed the so-called “Large-scale detection system”.

This system includes deer, caribou and other similar species that can be found on the northern hemisphere paths.

But when this technology began to apply to tests in Australia they were hit with some “obstacles”.

It was established that the system can not always recognize and register the movement of kangaroos in Australia.

Volvo’s Director for Australia, Kevin McCann, says this discovery is significant in the early development and testing phase of self-propelled cars.

All in order to spot the shortcomings of technology and correct system errors.

He explained, because of that, engineers in charge of analyzing the movement of kangaroos were brought in.

And they will bring corrections in the system.

They want to solve the problem before the first autonomous Volvo Cars appear on the market in 2020.

The problem with the detection of kangaroos was noticed by one of the technicians during the tests in Australia.

He noticed that, since the system uses the surface of the ground as a reference point.

And it can not be accurately measured how much the kangaroo is really distant from the vehicle at the moment when the animal jumps.

“When the kangaroo is in the air, the computer registers it to be more distant than it really is.

And when it lands, it looks much closer,” he says.

Volvo states that this problem is a priority. Because of the fact that kangaroos cause the most accidents in Australia than all other animals on that continent.

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