Simple Combinations That are Perfect for the Summer Season

Simple Combinations That are Perfect for the Summer Season

When it comes to fashion, inspiration is huge. Especially in the summer when there is much more room for experimenting with combinations.

If you are one of those types of people who always want to stand out from the crowd, than be free and creative in the choice of colors, models and even fashion details.

All this can contribute to perfect styling.

But always lead according to taste and sensibility, not according to the leading trends.

Today, I present you some of the best street style editions that will surely inspire you for your summer look.

If you are fond of dark colors, opt for a combination in exactly the same color as black, dark blue or gray shades.

Often, this styling is much better than some “cluttered” outfit.

And in order to break the monotony you can add some interesting accessory or impressive pair of shoes.

The white shirt is obligatory in the closet not only for women, but also for men. Regardless of what style you have, the white shirt is great in combination with classic pants and shoes for a formal occasion or with sneakers and a laid-back jeans for a perfect, urban look.

Simple black and white combinations are an interesting choice that will make you feel relaxed on the hot, summer days.

This season olive-green jackets are popular, which are considered a neutral piece of clothing. They fit perfectly with almost all colors. The summer season will mark the leading “bombers” jackets that complement the urban look.

Because of its simplicity, the white t-shirt is well suited to the effect of choosing the bottom clothing such as military-style shorts.

The key pieces for this summer are plain t-shirts, thin trousers or shorts, and for dressing up the appearance, choose for effective shoes or other accessories such as quality sunglasses or big watches.

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