Seattle Introduced a Tax on Sweetened Carbonated Drinks

Seattle Introduced a Tax on Sweetened Carbonated Drinks

The seaport city of Seattle imposes tax on all sweetened carbonated drinks!

Almost a third of all humanity suffers from obesity and overweight.

This is the conclusion of studies published by the New England Medical Magazine.

When it comes to children’s weight problems, the United States ranks first. And 13% of American children are classified as obese.

In order to tackle this problem, Seattle, in the federal state of Washington, has taken measures that some say are drastic.

As a result the city has imposed a tax on all types of sweetened drinks.

With seven votes in favor and one against, the city council adopted a tax of 1.75 cents per ounce, for all types of sweetened drinks.

Those included Coca-Cola, Pepsi, various sports and energy drinks – except for dietary drinks.

According to proponents, the latest news that a third of humanity suffers from overweight and that 13% of children are obese justifies the new decision.

“It has been recently documented that such drinks kill us. Hence why such taxation in order to reduce their consumption is a good move”. – Says one of Seattle City Council members Tim Burgess.

There are doctors who think that the tax does not go far enough.

“Sweetened drinks are negative products for children, and we want kids not to consume them”. – Says Molly Grove of the children’s Hospital in Seattle.

Part of the new tax money will be used to help improve access to healthy drinks for children in an effort to reduce what health workers call a “global obesity epidemic”.

What are your thoughts on this tax move?

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