Watch This 10 Minute Training for Strong and Defined Shoulders (Video)

10 Minute Training for Strong and Defined Shoulders

This intense five-movements training will strengthen your shoulders (deltoid and trapezius) muscles in just 10 minutes.

And the result are broad and strong shoulders, according to Men’s Health’s fitness editor, BJ Gaddour.

Additionally, this exercise will further strengthen the shoulder stabilizers.

Which in turn will prevent additional injuries and will make you better in performing push-ups and other exercises.

“You can do this at the beginning of the workout as a warm up or at the end of the training as a” finisher”.

Or as a major part of the training, progressively increasing the weight with each subsequent series,” says Gaddour.

How it is Performed:

Make six repetitions of each of the exercises shown in the same order as the video.

Make as many series as possible in 10 minutes.

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