How Do Air Conditioners Affect Our Body?

air conditioners

How to withstand heat without air conditioners? Sometime ago they were considered a luxury, and today they are an everyday part of our lives.

However, the harsh and long-lasting exposure to air conditioners has its drawbacks.

Who are they and how the stay in a cool room affects our health reveals Dr. Milan Mazalin.

In front of us is the long hot summer, and forecasts say that during the summer days, the temperatures will be above average high.

“Exposure to high temperatures, especially if they last for a long time, may be bad for our organism. Especially if these temperatures exceed the temperature of our body, which means more than 37 degrees,” said Dr. Mazalin, a doctor of general medicine.

In order to protect ourselves from heat exhaustion, heat stroke and similar heat-induced conditions, most people require shade and freshness.

“Air conditioners are an integral part of life and we can not imagine the room or the car without them, because they make life simpler,” he says.

However, as it can be very useful and enjoyable, air conditioners can be the cause of even harmless health problems.

The most common mistake made with such devices is excessive drop in temperature compared to the outside.

“It is recommended that the temperature in the work room be about 23 or 24 degrees Celsius.”

“However, if the outside temperatures are extremely high, the recommendation would be not to try to make the optimum temperature, but the difference in temperatures should not be greater than 5 to a maximum of 8 degrees” – emphasizes Dr. Mazalin.

Every major difference causes stress to the body, especially when exiting the air-conditioned space to external heat.

Such a sudden change in temperature and moisture adversely affects the cardiovascular system due to the sudden narrowing and expansion of the blood vessels.

“If you get out of such air-conditioned rooms, it is advisable to do so gradually.”

“Especially when you get out of the cars,” the doctor remarks.

In addition to all of the above, you should note that proper maintenance of air conditioners is very important.

Otherwise, there is a risk of influenza, cold, airway inflammation and even legionary disease.

Air conditioners are a place where microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) or various allergens, such as dust and pollen easily develop, and then spread through the air to the surrounding area to reach people.

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