Changi – The Best Airport In The World (Gallery)

Changi - The Best Airport

For the fifth year in a row, Singapore’s Changi Airport has been named the best in the world.

And, judging by everything, it obviously has no intention of getting off the throne anytime soon.

This year, Changi Airport has unraveled its latest attraction – the Canopy Park.

It will be the size of about 11 Olympic pools and will feature interesting activities for children.

Those include a hedge maze, glass bridges and indoor rain forests.

Changi is considered the gold standard in the world of airports and is a lifestyle destination.

It offers its passers-by micro visits to Singapore with its closed and open tropical gardens, rooftop pools, street kiosks, movie theaters, gaming centers and huge shopping outlets.

Canopy Park was created as a part of international consultants from Britain, France, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands. It is designed as a family oasis.

Especially for parents who want to “tire” their children while they are waiting for their flight.

There are also Sky Nets. These are nets on which you can walk and jump, which offer a view of the lower levels of this part of the airport.

Here are also the Canopy labyrinths, a section that contains a live hedge maze and a mirror maze. While Discovery Slides are described as semi-art sculptures, or semi-playgrounds.

For the best view of the Rain Vortex, the highest waterfall in an enclosed area of 40 meters, visitors will be able to ride through the Canopy Bridge, which will be placed at a height of 23 meters.

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