The Healing Side of Sex

The Healing Side Of Sex

It is scientifically proven that regular sex is good for people’s health.

During intercourse, hormones of happiness are secreted, which improve mood, relieve stress and raise self-confidence.

In addition, sex is also a great activity for losing excess calories.

Sex is:

A natural sedative

The hormone oxytocin, that the body produces during orgasm, is associated with the positive psychic and physical processes.

It successfully solves the problem of insomnia, and the same effect is caused by masturbation.

A fighter against stress

It reduces the level of cortisol, a hormone that is secreted in the body when we are under stress.

A natural analgesic

Sexual activity relieves pain in people suffering from migraine. It can also help with artificial pain and lower back pain.

Better than pharmaceuticals

The practice of regular sex at least twice a week is associated with high levels of antibodies to immunoglobulin A, which protect against colds and infections.

Better than the treadmill

exual activity burns calories and fats. During a 30-minute sexual intercourse, the body burns up to 200 calories, equivalent to a 15-minute running on the treadmill.

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