10 Tips To Significantly Reduce Fuel Consumption

10 Tips That Will Significantly Reduce Fuel Consumption

The price of fuel is constantly rising, so each saving is more than welcome.

By adhering to the smallest rules of driving and regular car maintenance, you will consume less fuel.

At the same time, you will significantly extend the life of your vehicle.

In addition, I bring you 10 tips on how to reduce fuel consumption without driving a car less than usual.

  • Take care of the tire pressure

This is a very important thing, so regularly check the tire pressure and hold on to the prescribed number.

This will save up to 5% fuel.

Tummy tires cause higher consumption because they have greater resistance to movement.

  • Working in neutral consumes fuel

Turn of the engine if you notice that you will stand somewhere longer than a minute.

This will save more fuel because the car, while stationary, spends fuel.

This is highly debatable of course, as many people make the mistake of turning off the engine at traffic lights.

While you will save fuel, every starting of the engine consumes more the other parts of the engine.

As well as making other drivers angry when you don’t start the engine before the green light, hence getting everyone behind you stuck for longer.

  • Regularly modify the consumables

Do not forget to change your spare parts regularly – engine oil, dirty spark plugs, clogged filters, and so on. By maintaining the car you can save up to 4% of the fuel.

  • Bad tires consume more fuel

Choose quality tires. Though they are more expensive, they will pay off in the long run, because the tires affect the car’s movement.

Because of the bad tires, and therefore the difficult movement on the asphalt, the car will consume more, because more energy is needed for movement.

  • Remove the carrier from the roof

If you have a carrier on the roof of the car, remove it when you do not need it. With this, the vehicle will be more aerodynamic and will consume about 5% less fuel.

Also, opened windows at speeds greater than 50 kilometers per hour create resistance and increase consumption.

So avoid opening the windows and instead use the air conditioner as it will use less fuel.

  • Reduce the heating / cooling in the car

If you are driving in short destinations, do not turn on heating in the car.

As you warm up, you will already get where you are going.

In longer terms, keep heat at lower temperatures because heating with air conditioning can increase consumption by about 3%. The same is true for cooling.

  • Do not fill the reservoir to the top

If the car is lighter, it will consume less fuel because it will need less energy to move. See if you have some things in the vehicle that you do not have to drive with you every day.

Take away unnecessary items, because with each pound away, you will save on fuel consumption.

Also, do not fill the tank to the top, because the car here gets weight too. For every 50 pounds, consumption increases by 1-2%.

  • Observe the engine speed

Reduce speed. The ideal saving speed is between 45 and 55 miles per hour ( 75 and 90 kilometers per hour ), with the gearbox set at fifth gear.

Make sure the engine torque is around 2,000 for diesel cars or 2,500 for petrol engines.

  • Acceleration spends 20% more

Drive calmly with less brakes and acceleration. Because the harsh acceleration consumes more than 20% of fuel, compared to composed driving.

Notice the situation in front of yourself and before you brake, let go of the accelerator pedal. When starting, slowly push the accelerator pedal.

  • Maintain speed with cruise control

Cruise control is a great thing when it comes to saving. It maintains the constant speed, which is quite important for saving.

However, it is worth only on a flat road or downhill. Do not use it going uphill, because this increases fuel consumption.

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