Why Do Women Want Younger Men?

Why Women Want Younger Men

It is widely known that most men prefer younger women. But when it comes to women and their preference, is it the same?

You would think that most women would prefer older men, and you would not be wrong.

They do so because of their maturity, the sense of security the man brings with himself and the status in society.

But truth is, we often see women dating younger men as well.

And if you think she would refuse you precisely because of the difference in years – you are wrong.

Here is why you may be exactly what she always needed.

Younger men respect their partner more

This is the key thing that makes women feel attracted to younger men.

Men who respect their older partners are incredibly sexy.

They try more

When they have an older partner, young men often try to impress and be mature enough to leave a good impression.

They think that the woman is more experienced than them, so they will do everything to satisfy her.

They are more relaxed

Younger men are generally more relaxed. Whether it’s because of years or personalities, the majority of men are spontaneous and adventurous – features that suit every woman.

Emotionally more accessible

They are more energetic and have no problems with expressing emotions. Although many feel that women do not experience them seriously enough, this is not true.

Women who have had experiences with younger partners say they were excellent in every field.

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2 Replies to “Why Do Women Want Younger Men?

  1. food for thought! Personally I prefer mature men , I find them more sophisticated and experienced, patient and generous with there time. Many have had previous relationships and have learned how to react to a variety if circumstances. Young men are delightfully energetic and at times naive. A win win πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for the insight.
      I’ve noticed a similar trend with women.
      When women need a bit more fun in their lives, they let themselves be seduced by younger men.
      When women need a bit more serious connection in their lives, however, most of the time ( if not all ) they consider only older men.
      Which is somewhat normal and understandable πŸ™‚

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