10 Shopping Tips: How To Get The Cheapest Groceries

10 Shopping Tips How To Get The Cheapest Groceries

For buying food and paying bills we need, on average, one and a half average salary.

Although most are trying to save as much as possible when shopping, almost every one of us, after leaving the store, realize that we spent much more than planned.

Therefore, here are 10 tips on how to get the cheapest groceries when you go out shopping:

1. Go on shopping with a list ONLY

Planned purchases in supermarkets is one way to save money.

Buyers should, compulsorily, carry a list and respect what is written in it, to make wise use of stocks, discounts and offers, that is, to follow which food and when it is at a discount, and then buy it.

2. Follow the stocks and use the coupons

Larger sales chains in cooperation with manufacturers offer buyers various products at low, action prices.

Also, many merchants share coupons that indicate what is the discount, and in the end, the consumer pays only the difference.

3. Buy at the bazaar

Cosmetics, toilet paper, paper towels and some home appliances cost up to 30 percent less than in stores. But beware, in these places you should not buy perishable goods, because they are not kept in the right way.

4. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the cheapest when they are bought in their season.

5. Buy the products of large retail chains

Large retail chains often produce themselves, and their products are cheaper up to 30 percent compared to branded products.

6. Avoid small stores in the neighborhood

In these stores you should buy only bread and cigarettes, because the prices of the remaining products are 20 percent larger than at the big supermarkets.

7. Buy only as much as you need

According to some estimates, due to poor planning, one-third of the purchased food ends in trash. Buy only as much as you need and try to use the old food in your home in a different way, process it in another meal for tomorrow.

8. Do not buy separately packaged foods

If you do not have a coupon or the product is not in action, the separate packaging and food chopping is often more expensive.

So you will buy some meat or some cheese more expensive if you want to chop it, rather than take the vacuumed piece at a cheaper price.

9. Walk from store to store

The prices of the various products often oscillate from city to city, but also from a store to a store, even in the same neighborhood.

So a walk in stores can bring you considerable savings. Consider where the prices are cheapest and buy there.

10. Pay in cash, not with a card

Before going to a bigger market, calculate approximately the value of the necessary products and bring only as much money from home, no more.

And then, pay with cash and not with a card.

This way you will limit yourself to taking only the necessary products, and you will not complain about taking a product plus.

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