How Many Times Per Week Should You Train?

How Many Times Per Week Do You Train

It is much more important to train than the number of times that you do.

According to a survey conducted by several guys who exercise, three groups were created.

The first group is those who train twice a week, others train three times a week, and the third group trains four times a week.

The difference in the three groups was really minimal.

It is enough to train twice a week, because the muscles have the ideal time for rest.

Frequent trainings can adversely affect your muscles. We are talking about those who want to gain a substantial muscle mass.

According to this survey, it can be concluded that it does not matter how often you exercise.

Rather, it is more important to how effectively you exercise.

If you want to increase your muscle mass, it would be best to do more reps or series rather than exercising more often.

What is more effective, morning or evening training?

Studies show that we are the strongest in the evening, and therefore evening training is best for losing weight and for increasing muscle mass.

In the evening, our metabolism is at full speed and better results can be achieved in a shorter time.

The best time for training is between 7-11 pm, and the weakest and the slowest times are at 7 am.

In the end, it’s not important when, but the habit of exercising and playing sports.

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