What Can Spoil Your Mood For Sex?

What Can Spoil Your Mood For Sex

Low libido may be a problem for you to visit a doctor, that is, a therapist.

But your sex mood may also depend on some elements that are under your control.

These are the most common causes for low libido:

  • Antidepressants and other drugs

Drugs against depression badly impact your sexual mood.

But this is not the whole truth, because with depression, your libido is depressing as well.

Drugs that have the effect of reducing testosterone (such as prostate cancer drugs) or drugs to lower blood pressure and reduce fat affect libido in men.

So pay attention to the composition of the medicines you consume in order to avoid unnecessary worries.

Consuming alcohol and caffeine can affect your libido, but it all depends on the amount you ingest and the frequent use.

Caffeine affects as a stimulant, but in large quantities can lead to anxiety mood, and you probably know that alcohol affects not only the libido, but also erectile function and orgasms.

  • Exercise

Excessive exercise can negatively affect sexual desire – all your energy is directed at your body, but in a way that does not psychologically involve intimate contact with another person.

The best exercise is moderate exercise. And some forms of bodily discipline such as yoga, have proven to have positive effects on sexuality.

Also, yoga greatly influences the channeling of stress and hence the general coherence of the functioning of the body and the psyche.

  • Watching pornographic content

Watching porn movies and other pornographic content overwhelmingly stimulates dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter that encourages sexual pleasure.

If this happens often, the brain finds it more difficult to find an appropriate response to such stimulation.

Therefore, avoid frequent watching of pornographic content and maintain healthy masturbation habits.

  • Emotional imbalance

When you go through a difficult period in a relationship, a reduced sexual desire acts as a defensive mechanism that protects you from emotional injury.

In such situations, communicating with the partner and identifying the problem is more than necessary.

Especially if you feel emotional and physical distance.

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