Lack of Sleep Increases the Risk of Alzheimer’s Occurrence

Lack of Sleep Increases the Risk of Alzheimer's Occurrence

New research suggests that poor sleep can increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

A neurological study at the University of Wisconsin covered 101 cognitively healthy people at the age of 63.

Each of them filled out a questionnaire about their sleeping habits.

Researchers took into account old age, family history of diseases, the ApoE gene that increases the risk of this disease.

Researchers also found that poor sleep quality, sleep problems, and daytime sleepiness all associate with an increased risk of getting this disease.

As these two things are in relation, they can not concretize anything yet.

The study has shown that during sleep, the ability of the brain to clean up toxins, such as beta-amyloid, increases.

“Not everyone who has trouble sleeping is destined to develop Alzheimer’s”– said Barbara Bendlin, a professor at Wisconsin University and one of the authors of the study.

“We observed a group of people and we found a link between bad dreams and the development of the disease. But if you observe them individually, not all develop the same pattern,” she concludes.

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