The Borsalino Hat – A Must Have Accessory For This Summer

The Borsalino Hat - A Must Have Accessory For This Summer

Borsalino – the perfectly designed straw hat, a 160-year-old Italian brand, will be a hero for your summer outfit.

These hats are exactly what every gentleman must own!

Although hats are generally the perfect summer fashion accessory, finding a hat that will perfectly suit your face and shape of your head is a serious challenge.

And all this becomes even more difficult if you want a model of a hat that can be worn in combination with beach shorts, but also with a light summer suit during festive occasions.

This 160 years old Italian brand, Borsalino, finds the perfect style quite seriously.

And in its new collection offers a fedora, Panama hats and many other equally appealing models.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the 20’s, but also the 60’s of the last century, the hats of this collection have classic shapes, while they are characterized by bold and playful colors.

Well, when the temperatures start to rise, just as it is today’s case, the Panamanian hat in two tones is the perfect choice.

Although the contrasting style of this model can be a serious fashion statement, it primarily has an extremely functional design.

Its chocolate-brown lace provides great protection against the sun for your face and eyes. While the upper part of creamy color cools the rest of the head. And at the same time it feeds on your stylish ego.

Woven from Ecuadorian straw, this hat is long-lasting and versatile. That is quite enough for each of us and all of our stylish choices.

If you still want a style that you could freely transfer in the autumn days, then I advise you if you have the opportunity to try one of their fedora models.

The lightweight, but extremely durable style of this model is perfect for all-weather. And is also available in more than 20 colors.

Which color would you choose?

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