Military Push Ups: An Exercise to Build True Power!

Military Push Ups An Exercise to Build True Power

A commonly known fact is that push ups cover almost all of the muscles of the body and significantly improve strength and fitness.

But the frequent problem with the push ups is that most practitioners perform them in the wrong way.

Most commonly, this is manifested by the insufficient lowering of the chest to the ground.

Which on the other hand affects the poor stimulation of the muscle groups.

The famous coach Bobby Maximus has specialized in working with top athletes.

Especially MMA fighters, and he has promoted this basic exercise by observing the training of US special forces.

With this, he realized that the problem lies in the wrong execution of this exercise.

The training Maximus offers to its clients lasts between three and six months.

And an important segment in the same is the technique for the correct execution of the push ups, without cheating.

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