How Did Ice Cream Come About?

How Did Ice Cream Come About

According to estimates, around 2,000,000,000 liters of ice cream a year is exported from the United States.

At first you will think that this country is the homeland of the ice cream.

However, this dessert was first made somewhere in the east.

Famous flying explorer, Marco Polo, noted in his travels that people living in these areas eat a sweet, cool dessert and brought this idea with him to Italy, and then from Italy to France.

In France, ice cream soon became a favorite among the tribe.

And also, the recipes were kept secret in order for the ordinary people not to find them out.

But, of course, everyone soon learned how sweet the taste of this dessert was.

And the same began to be produced in different parts of the world.

The first Ice Cream Factory was founded in America in 1851.

However, the first real production began in 1900 when new cooling systems were upgraded.

The basic ingredients to prepare ice cream are: sour cream, milk, sugar and sometimes eggs.

To improve the taste add vanilla, chocolate, hazelnuts, fruits and so on.

In order to prepare ice cream that will be homogeneous, it is necessary to keep an eye on the ratio of the ingredients to it.

Thus, it should contain 80-85% sour cream and dairy products, 15% sugar, 0.5% to 4.5% aroma and about 3.3% anti-decay agent.

The latest materials are used for it not to spoil. As well as not to catch ice and to remain in the same condition from the day of its production. Usually for this purpose gelatin is used.

Do you know?

When you eat 1/6 liters of vanilla ice cream, you’d have taken almost as much calcium, protein, and vitamin B as half a cup of pure milk. As well as vitamin A and calories as if you had a full cup of milk.

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