4 Tips For Hot, Summer Sex

4 Tips For Hot, Summer Sex

If you want to have the hottest sex in this hot summer, just follow these simple tips that will further boost the atmosphere.

1. Food and drinks

The atmosphere is hot enough in the bedroom in the summer already, but it can become even hotter if you use some food and drinks.

Instead of reaching for a chocolate overflow, which makes things pretty sticky, try a chilled champagne.

The bubbles will create a feeling that you will simply adore.

Whether you take one sip before giving your partner oral sex, or you will pour her with it and kiss her, champagne is a drink that you can not make a mistake with.

If you want to raise libido, melt some chocolate and mash it with cooled strawberries and pieces of pineapple.

2. Cool down
It is logical to have an air conditioner or at least a ventilator in the bedroom in the warm summer days.

But why not use something cool so that you become even more hotter?

Take ice cubes and start playing with them, rubbing them on your partner’s body.

Let the imagination carry you and you will not make a mistake.

3. Slow sex is better

Rapid and intense sex for a very short time will sweat you and tire you. So, use this period to explore the world of slow sex, i.e. the gradual increase in passion.

Let your partner start with a striptease and then follow the instinct. Do not hurry.

Passion and anticipation will grow gradually, and you will maintain the normal temperature for a long time.

4. The home is always most exciting

Sometimes sex in public (on a bench in a park, a walk through a forest or in a car) can be very exciting, but before you decide on the exuberance of an unknown terrain, try it in the security of the home.

One option is to have sex in front of the window, with blinds partially raised.

You can have sex with clothes, and if it seems too risky, set a mirror in the bedroom so you can watch each other during a love game.

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